How do I know CreditKingz.co is legit?

We are 100% legitimate and have a very professional team that has been providing gaming related services since 2019. We are also rated very highly on Trustpilot with a rating of 4.7 out of 5.

Can I play on my account while the service is in progress?

No, when your service is being carried out you will need to wait until you receive an email to confirm your order has been finished before you can play again.

Are your services available in my country?

Yes, all accounts & services available on our website can be purchased worldwide.

How long will it take for my purchase to be delivered?

Depending on what kind of account or service you are purchasing the delivery time can be from instant up to 72 hours.

The delivery time for all of our accounts and services can be checked on their specific product pages.


What does cash + deluxos mean on the MODDED accounts?

This means that the total amount of cash, for example 250 million will be supplied in the form of some cash in the bank ( 100 million ) and the remaining 150 million will be in form of deluxos that can be sold to obtain the remaining amount of cash.

Are your GTA V modded accounts safe?

Yes, they are perfectly safe we can guarantee it. We have never had a single ban report from any of our customers.

How long will it take for my GTA order to be completed?

We aim to get all GTA orders sent out within 24 hours but it can take up to 72 hours when demand is high.


Is the delivery time for the FH5 accounts actually instant?

Yes, the login information for the account will be sent immediately to your email after you have completed the payment via our fully automated delivery system.

Do your Forza modded accounts work online?

Yes, you can use our Forza Horizon 5 accounts online without any issues.

Are your Forza Horizon 5 credit & account services safe?

Yes, they are 100% safe and tested to ensure maximum protection for your account.